Eye pain


An unpleasant diagnosis with far-reaching consequences for your daily life: eye pain

Almost all parts of the body can hurt, but seldom is the first handed localization of pain as easy as with the eyes: After all, the visual organ is a very complex structure. At least once in a lifetime everybody will get in contact with eye pain. There are various reasons and the effects are often far-reaching. However, we should never underestimate them.

There are almost no activities in everyday life where our eyes are not needed. In addition, our eyes are used 24/7, apart from sleep. This makes them the most frequently used and therefor stressed organs of the human body. This permanent stress and other even more stressful factors often even worsen symptoms and the progression of eye pain.

A rapid relief of eye pain and the accompanying fight against the symptoms is the prime focus for the patient.

Please not: Eye pain should not be taken lightly. Sometimes eye pain may only be an isolated, short-term problem, but often the reason or the origin of eye pain is far more serious than it seems. However, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor if you suffer from serious eye pain.

Eye pain itself is not the whole story, but at least one aspect of a much larger problem!

Männliche Person mit zusammengekniffenen AugenTo understand the bigger picture of eye pain, we need to address the symptoms more clearly. The following symptoms set the tone for eye pain and play an important role in the diagnosis of the origins of eye pain:

  • itching eyes and eyelids
  • burning and irritated eyes
  • tired eyes following a brief period of stress
  • impaired eyesight

The symptoms should be best differentiated, because eye pain could also be originated from very simple causes such as foreign bodies. Irritated eyes are also rather everyday issues, which do not have to be taken too seriously, but should be treated.

However, especially long-term or intensive eye pain could have much more serious causes. Some of the symptoms mentioned above are often related to diseases.

Again: It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor if you suffer from serious eye pain!