ocuvers drops Relief

ocuvers drops Relief

Biocompatible eye drops with 0.21% sodium hyaluronate. ocuvers drops Relief eye drops have a lubricating effect and are particularly recommended to relieve symptoms of dry, tired, irritated or stressed eyes.

  • For the recovery of a natural tear film
  • Ideal lubrication with electrolytes and hyaluronic acid
  • Unpreserved
  • Ideal for users of contact lenses
  • Easy-to-dose pump bottle

  • For the lubrication of eyes and rewetting of contact lenses
  • Help relieve discomfort caused by dry, tired, irritated or stressed eyes
  • Against foreign body sensations in the eye
  • Relief for dry eyes caused by environmental stress such as air conditioning, breeze, cold weather, dryness or air pollution
  • For stressed eyes caused by long computer use or car rides

10 ml pump bottle

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In Germany and Benelux: in your pharmacy or at your eye specialist (Germany). For all other countries: please contact us and we will be happy to help you!