ocuvers spray lipostamin

ocuvers spray lipostamin

ocuvers spray lipostamin

Hydrates, relieves and nourishes dry, burning and red eyes.1 ocuvers spray lipostamin improves hydration of the eye surface, is free of ethanol and benzalkonium chloride, absorbs quickly and is odorless.

  • Reduces reddening caused by irritations of the skin surface 1
  • Improves hydration of the eye surface across all grades of the dry eye syndrome 1
  • Recommended for calming and alleviating the symptoms of eyelid and eye surface irritations 1
  • Long-lasting improvement of the tear film stability 1
  • Suitable for users of all types of contact lenses
  • Odorless
  • As an alternative or supplement to eye drops 1
  • The plant extracts in the spray are found to be beneficially soothing for the treatment of allergies caused by pollen, dust and other external factors
  • Irritations caused by long car or motorcycle rides
  • Irritations caused by air conditioning, wind, air pollution, swimming pool water etc.
  • With liposomes and euphrasy
  • Free of ethanol and benzalkonium chloride
  • Free from ingredients with preservative effects
  • Odorless
  • Plant extracts contained:


Euphrasia (eyebright)

has calming effects on inflammations of the conjunctiva and lid edge.


Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

an help reduce the appearance of red eyes.


Everlasting flower (Helychrysum italicum)

has been used for a long time for inflammations and swellings of the eye and eyelid.


Caper extract (Capparis spinosa)

contains a high amount of flavonoids, playing an essential role in the treatment of allergies.

Compared to eye drops, the application of the spray is easy: Simply spray onto closed eye from a distance of approx. 10 cm. Keep your eye shut for around five seconds, allowing the liposomes to reach the lid edge. By opening your eyes, the artificial tear film will spread across the entire eye surface. Repeat application several times a day if desired.
15 ml pump spray bottle with patented 3K® system

1 Hueck, A. and Wehrmann, R. (2017) Comparison of the Clinical Efficacy of Four Different Liposomal Sprays for the Treatment of Dry Eye. Open Journal of Ophthalmology, 7, 103-116.

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